Alliance War

Join alliance wars and take down other alliances and show them how mighty your alliance is.


Every Wednesday you can register your alliance in order to participate in the alliance war. Every alliance with at least 30 members and 3000 honor can participate in alliance wars. Alliance war is where you and your alliance go head to head against another alliance.


During the preparation time, from Thursday to Friday, your alliance can build up some additional shields for top 30 bases.You get Shield points when you donate Units - a unit's shield points is the same as the unit size.

troops shields
0 0
140 1
350 2
700 3
1400 4
2100 5
2800 6

War contribution by members of your alliance can be seen in the alliance roster.

Since Update 1.6.0 it is possible to arrange the positions of your alliance mates on the war map. Only the alliance leaders are able to arrange the members inside the alliance war interface.

As an alliance leader you can move up / down or place them directly on place 1-50. Save your changes before you left the screen!


Attacking phase

Starts every saturday 8.00 am and ends on sundays 8.00 pm.

You will have two attacks, each day, to conquer enemy bases. Try to collect as much points as you can, during attack phase. Depending the position on war map, you can win points for your alliance. How much points an enemy base has can you see on the info tab.

Reclaim phase

From Sunday 8.00 pm to midnight you're unable to attack enemy bases, but you're able to reclaim alliance mate bases. Every reclaimed base adds points to your score and is very important at the end of each war, because your enemys will try the same.

Note: Since Update 1.6.0 A succesful support requires you to take over the pantheon AND you need to destroy more than 50% of the base.


Attacking enemy bases If you conquer enemy bases you will receive Merit and Comets as a reward, it's unimportant how many shields you destroy or if you take over a base. There is a small chance to find a treasure chest inside an enemy base, which includes comets .

Alliance War Treasure Chest

At the end of the war both alliances will receive rewards. Every alliance member who has contributed the war, will receive his personal reward depending on alliance honor, alliance level, his own position on the map and conquered enemy bases. Whether you won or not will determine your rewards.

Some lucky guys can find special rewards inside the rewards chests like comets, parts for relics or gods.

You need to claim your rewards before next war registration phase will start.

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