Apollo, god of light, twin brother of the huntress Artemis - those who worship the sun praise him above all others, for one who can hold sunlight in his hands is not easily felled on the field of battle.


Might of Light

Active skill. Can only be cast once per battle.

Shoots 4 beams of light, dealing 3305 AoE DMG to nearby targets.

Skill Level Damage Dealt
0 2167
1 2243
2 2319
3 2395
4 2471
5 2546
6 2622
7 2698
8 2774
9 2850
10 2926
11 3002
12 3077
13 3153
14 3229


Solar Flare


Adds 1 light beam; DMG from each beam +20%.

Skill Level DMG Increase
1 8%
2 11%
3 14%
4 17%
5 20%


  • Apollo first targets Gods, then defensive buildings, then other targets. Because he targets Gods first, he can be very useful as an Attacker. A fully leveled Apollo can kill most Gods with his skill attack.
  • The range for his skill attack is approximately 10-12 spaces. This long range is also very helpful as an Attacker.
  • If you are fighting weaker Gods, save Apollo's skill attack for defensive buildings. If you are fighting particularly strong defensive Gods, use Apollo's skill attack to deal significant damage to them or hopefully kill them.


Skill Calculation

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