Arena fights take place every day from 8am to 23:59pm. Each player is integrated to a group (ranked Bronze, Silver (Player Level 31), Gold (Player Level 51), Platinum (Player Level 71) or Diamond (Player Level 81).

DoG Arena Ranking-0

Taking part to an Arena battle will cost one Arena Key (represented as hearts in the Arena menu). The base number is three per day, and can be extended using Comets or grants by your friends (up to 7 friends grants a day).

Groups work with the following rules:

  1. Rank is determined according to players’ level, then honor.
  2. From the top rank, every 200 players are grouped together.
  3. Every battle within the group is randomly matched.

E.g. If Lv.100 is the highest, and there are 149 Lv.100 players, then the Lv.99 player with the highest honor will be grouped with them.

The outcome of an Arena fight can be:

  • Being defeated will grant 1 Arena Medal.
  • Raising a defender’s city will grant 3 Arena Medals.
  • Defeating an attack (while away, then) will grant 1 Arena Medal.
  • Rewards, including treasures of the same type of your rank and gods, are granted every day.
  • Please note that in Arena mode, you do not lose units, there is no Revenge and matching is random.


Depending on your rank you can receive up to 5 treasure chests. There are better chests for higher levels.

Rank Rewards
1st place 5 treasure chests
2nd - 4th 4 treasure chests
5th-19 3 treasure chests
20th-49th 2 treasure chests
50th-200th 1 treasure chest
Group Comets Mystic Rune
Gold dog
Awakening Stone
Bronze 60 20.000 20.000 2 25 2/3 star
Silver 120 1 50.000 50.000 4 50 3 star
Gold 200 1 100.000 100.000 6 100 3-star
Platinum 250 2 150.000 150.000 8 150 1 4-star
Diamond 300 3 200.000 200.000 10 200 1 4-star

Antas💫 Arena treasure chest challenge

User Antas💫 collected over a month all of his arena treasure chests. He has published a video on Youtube. Based on this video, you're able to calculate the chance of being rewarded with a certain item:

Item Frequency Calc. Chance
2 Mystic Runes 22 17,6%
250 Comets 9 7,2%
150.000 Ambrosia 10 8%
150.000 Gold dog 16 12,8%
1 Awakening Stone 11 8,8%
8 Elixir 29 23,2%
150 Summonstone 13 10,4%
4* God 15 12%
Total: 125 treasure chests / 100% chance

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