Artemis, goddess of the hunt, twin of Apollo, traverses heaven and earth in pursuit of prey. If your heart is anything but pure, beware the baying of her hounds...


Lunar Healing

Active skill, can only be cast once per battle.

Revives a random God to 100% HP and continuously heals nearby allies over 15 sec for 6072 total HP.

Skill Level Revival HP % Ally HP Recovery
0 60% 4672
1 64% 4812
2 68% 4952
3 72% 5092
4 76% 5232
5 80% 5372
6 84% 5512
7 88% 5652
8 92% 5792
9 96% 5932
10 100% 6072


Artemis is an Event God. She is only available through the Grand Rebirth Event.

Artemis is a great healing God, especially in conjunction with a powerful attacker such as Hades. Some players will deploy Hades first, with Paracletes behind (see the Hades page), let Hades die, then deploy all remaining troops and Gods including Artemis. Activate Artemis' skill, and Hades is back in action. Great combination.


Skill Calculation

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