April Mania: Comet Mania

Event starts: Tuesday, 11th April 00:00:00 (CEST)

Event ends: Friday, 14th April 23:59:59 (CEST)

Greetings, Immortals ! 


Get special rewards by charging your account on the day of the event! Reach a step to claim the rewards!

  • Charge 1 000 Comets and get this Reward #1 = 100x Summonstone + 4x Awakening Stone + 15x Elixirs + 1x 1h Hourglass + 6x Mystic Rune
  • Charge 3 300 Comets and get this Reward #2 = 1x 7* Rebirth + 5x Awakening Stone + 25x Elixirs + 2x Grand Summonstone + 1x 3h Hourglass + 4x Mystic Rune
  • Charge 7 500 Comets and get this Reward #3 = 3x Gold Shard  + 6x Awakening Stone  + 25x Elixirs + 1x 1d Hourglass + 4x Mystic Rune
  • Charge 10 000 Comets and get this Reward #4 = 7x Awakening Stone + 30x Elixirs + 3x Grand Summonstone + 1x 1d Hourglass + 14x Mystic Rune 

The rewards will accumulate, however, you can only receive each reward once. 

IMPORTANT: The rewards from this event have been sent out. Any concerns over missed rewards should please be sent to support in-game or at, please also provide app store receipts for full verification. Purchases which are not completed at the end of the event will not be counted! 

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