Conquest is the player fighting against the surrounding cities and rival rulers, which is commonly called PvE (Player versus Environment).

As a god newly created by Chaos in order to reunite a world in tatters, you will have to conquer the cities of your rivals until you wipe them completely out of the map. As you conquer cities, you will be able to collect offerings that will increase according to your Conquest Rank.

The Conquest Map shows your cities clearly, while those you are not close to will be covered by clouds. A city’s loyalty will be marked by a flag of a certain colour (related to its owner in the Influence menu), and those you can attack will bear a crossed-swords icon on top of them. Each enemy city has a difficulty level, expressed out of five stars. This difficulty is function of the city’s Pantheon and Vault level.

DoG Conquest Map

The Influence menu will show the Rulers active on the map, with their marker (flag), the number of controlled/conquered cities and the relation status. “Rewards” indicate the amount of comets you will receive once you have completely wiped out this ruler from the map. “Relations” indicate whether this ruler is susceptible of attacking you (they will if they are tagged as “Hostile”). When a ruler is Hostile to you, you may reconcile with her in exchange of Gold. She would then come back to a “Normal” status and would stop attacking your cities every day. These counterattacks will refresh every day at 7am (local time).

DoG Conquest Influence

The “Collect” button grants offerings that will increase with the number of cities conquered (Rank bonus, in %). These offerings can also be collected from the Event button on the main screen.

DoG Offerings Collection

What are the benefits?

There are a few benefits if you are conquering different cities:

  • Level up gods in a very efficient way.
  • Get Ambrosia and Gold as a bonus to Offerings.
  • Supplemental benefits when wiping out a ruler from the world map.