These are the Quests that you can complete daily, to get additional rewards like Elixirs and Dust, to level up your immortal Gods quicker.

Quest Description Reward
Arena Join 3 Arena Battles 3x Elixir
Raid Join 5 Raid Battles 3x Elixir
Savvy Summoner Conduct 3 basic Summonings 2x Elixir
Star Support Request units from Alliance members 2x Elixir
Death and Taxes Collect offerings during the collection period 2x Elixir
Keymaster Gift 5 Arena Keys to friends 1x Elixir
Roll Call Receive Sign-in Rewards 1x Elixir
Astral Envoy Use the Astral Portal to complete 2 Astral Missions 3x Blue Dust

Random Daily Quests

These quests you can complete daily, too. You will receive this quests totally random, so no guarantee to receive them. Every quest that will reward you with Awakening Stones requires a Pantheon on Level 8.

Quest Description Reward
Raid-Ready Steal 1.800.000 Gold in Raid

Steal 1.800.000 Ambrosia in Raid
Steal 8.000 Lunar Drops in Raid

1x Awakening Stone1x Greek Awoken Soul
Relic Runner Use the Astral Portal to complete X[1] Astral Missions 1x Awakening Stone
Well-Urned Destroy 18 Gold Urns in Raid 1x Norse Awoken Soul 1x Other Awoken Soul
Silo Smasher Destroy 18 Ambrosia Silos in Raid 1x Other Awoken Soul1x Norse Awoken Soul 
Alliance Donation Donate your Alliance 3 times 1x Awakening Stone
Showoff Share a screenshot with your friends 50x Comets
Obscurity Tower Destroy 15 Obscurity Towers in Raid 1x Norse Awoken Soul
False Prophet Destroy 15 Prophet Towers in Raid 1x Greek Awoken Soul
Divide and Conquer Conquer 15 Banners in Arena 1x Awakening Stone
Shrine Shredder Destroy 15 Shrine of Alliance  in Raid 1x Greek Awoken Soul
Safety First Link Account 2x Elixir
  1. Amount of to be completed Astral Missions depends on your Pantheon Level. If you have a Pantheon Level 9 you have to complete 9 Astral Mission, Pantheon Level 10 complete 10 Astral Mission and so on

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