Dawn of Gods is an RTS mobile game from Aeria Games. It was released in february 2016 on Android and iOS.


Harness the power of the Gods in the mightiest mobile strategy game of them all! Take command of famous Gods like Zeus, Odin, Ra, and hundreds more to build and defend your base! Join a guild with your friends and support each other as you battle players all over the world using cunning and strategy. Age of Gods is a unique mobile RTS game featuring over a hundred Gods from Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology. As a newly born God, you must unite the other Gods of the world's ancient cultures under your leadership. Use their power in combat to crush enemy player bases and defend your own. Steel yourself for battle, for the Dawn of Gods (pending name change from Age of Gods) is upon us!


  • Collect 140 fabled Gods and heroes from classic Greek, Norse, and Egyptian myths
  • Upgrade your Gods and evolve them into powerful new forms
  • Build your base up into a force to be reckoned with
  • Storm enemy bases while defending your own in strategic PvP combat
  • Band together with your guild and support each other in battle to reign supreme
  • Venture into the PvE world and conquer territory to earn valuable resources
  • Save your favorite combat formations - spend less time planning and more time playing