Decorations can be found in the Market menu. Some can be bought, others need to be unlocked with in-game achievements. Certain decorations are permanent additions to your base, others are only temporary and will disappear when their time is up.


Arena-King Atlas-Deco Awakened-One Bow-Of-Heaven
Arena King Atlas Awakened One Bow Of Heaven
Dragons-Rapture Fortunes-Ornament God-Of-War Griffin-Deco
Dragon's Rapture Fortune's Ornament God Of War Griffin Deco
Grimoire-Of-Legends Hydra Mjollnir Pegasus
Grimoire Of Legends Hydra Mjollnir Pegasus
Phoenix Sacred-Lantern Sacrificial-Blade Soul-Vessel
Phoenix Sacred Lantern Sacrificial Blade Soul Vessel
Summoners-Effigy Titans-Sword
Summoner's Effigy Titan's Sword

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