God design


Greetings, Immortals. Today we’d like to test your creativity by inviting you to design your own God! Follow the rules below and get back to our Facebook page to show your God and participate to get a chance to win big!


  • Download the card template (available in English, German or French)
  • Design your awesome God, find him a cool name, strong stats and add it a short description.
  • Share your God as a comment on this Facebook post (
  • Like the Gods you love on the Facebook post.
  • You have 48 hours to participate.


  • All participants will get x20 Elixir + x3 Mystic Rune + x1 Grand Summonstone
  • The three most liked Gods will win the participation prize + x1 Purple Relic and a 6* God of their choice.
  • There will be one special prize for the team’s favorite ;)

Good luck and keep it creative!

God design FR
God design DE
God design EN

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