Event shedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Double Daily Rewards 2x Gods EXP Arena Bonus Rewards 2x Troops Training Speed Double Daily Rewards 2x Troops Training Speed God Healing Speed Increase
Raid Victory Rewards Raid Victory Rewards Arena Bonus Rewards God Healing Speed Increase

Event Description

Arena Reward Bonus

For the duration of this, fight in the Arena and get double the normal amount of Elixirs, plus a better chance of getting 4 and 5-star Gods after each battle!

Double Daily Rewards

Online Rewards doubled during the duration of this Event!

Raid Victory Bonus

Get even more rewards for winning daily Raids!

Double Gods Experience

For a limited time, your Gods will receive double experience during Raid Battles!

Random Events

Double 5-Star Summon Chance

Take advantage of an increased change to summon 5-star Gods during this limited event! 1x and 10x Grand summons have increased chances to summon 5-star Gods!

Loyalty Bonus - Summonings

Perform Grand Summonings using Grand Sommonstones or Comets and receive rewards as written in the event description inside the game.

Daily charge

Get bonus rewards by charging your account daily with any amount!

You can get a special 6-star God by participating in this event if you charge your account for 15 total days during the event period and if you charge the required amount of comets.