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These are the Quests that you can find in the "Building" Tab, of the Quest overview. Complete the Quest to receive Player Experience, Grand Summonstones and Comets.

Godly Gifts

Stage Quest Rewards
1 Summon 2 Gods with 4 Stars or higher 10x Player Experience

50x Comets

2 Summon 4 Gods with 4 Stars or higher 100x Player Experience

50x Comets

3 Summon 6 Gods with 4 Stars or higher 1000x Player Experience

1x Grand Summonstone

6-Star Savant

Stage Quest Rewards
1 Summon 1 Gods with 6 Stars or higher 10x Player Experience

2x Grand Summonstone

2 Summon 2 Gods with 6 Stars or higher 100x Player Experience

4x Grand Summonstone

3 Summon 4 Gods with 6 Stars or higher 1000x Player Experience

6x Grand Summonstone

Leaps and Bounds

Stage Quest Rewards
1 Raise a God to Level 30 10x Player Experience

10x Comets

2 Raise a God to Level 40 100x Player Experience

100x Comets

3 Raise a God to Level 50 1000x Player Experience

2x Grand Summonstone

Simply Divine

Stage Quest Rewards
1 Collect 10 different Gods 10x Player Experience

5x Comets

2 Collect 50 different Gods 100x Player Experience

10x Comets

3 Collect 100 different Gods 1000x Player Experience

100x Comets

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