God of the Underworld and gatherer of the departed, Hades' name is legend amongst the dead and spoken in hushed whispers by the living.


Hell's Gate

Automatic, 12 sec cooldown.

Opens a gate to the underworld, summoning 5 spirits to attack enemies. Each spirit deals 910 AoE DMG.

Skill Level AoE Damage
0 624
1 653
2 681
3 710
4 738
5 767
6 796
7 824
8 853
9 881
10 910


Hades is an Event God. He is only available through the Grand Rebirth Event.

  • Hades is regarded by many as the best God currently in the game, particularly on offense. With his Skill Attack, he can easily destroy 5 buildings every 12 seconds (at max skill level).
  • Some players start a battle with Hades and 4-5 Paracletes. Hades walks around doing lots of damage while the Paracletes heal and keep him alive. Then when Hades finally dies, the rest of the battle troops are deployed.


Skill Calculation

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