Invasion is the player fighting against invaders to claim rewards, this is a game mode called PvE (Player versus Environment).

Invasion is triggered at random for players with a Pantheon of level 7 or higher. The Invasion will be shown when you log in, a special icon will appear at the top of the screen along with the Alliance War and Sign In icons. You can access the event by tapping on the characters who appear on the Conquest map (under Battle). Invasion is a timed event.

To defeat the invaders and claim the final rewards, you need to win three rounds of battles and the enemy cities must be 100% destroyed. Units will be returned to your city if they die in battle. The difficulty of the battles will depend on your Pantheon level.

You can ask your Alliance members to help win the battle for you. But if they do this for you, they will get your rewards. If all rounds are completed, you can still get the final rewards though. The first three times you win a battle for an Alliance member, you will receive some Merits.

Possible Invasions:

  • Siege on Uruk
  • Calamity Devours
  • Moonlit Horror
  • Torment's Revenge

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