Here you can find a list of the current known issues of the game. If a workaround is known you can find it here, too. Please note: The Bug Team and the Developer Team are constantly investigating and reviewing these problems as fast as they can. They will be fixed as soon as possible.

All platforms

Divine Index

  • The partnership description on some cards are cut off and don't explain the full skill.
    • Please send information of those cards in game to the GS-Team (Name of God, effected language and device information like model / OS Version) or feel free to send us an e-mail to


  • Game randomly crashes - chat, Arena and Raid majorly affected. Most issues linked to device/connection issues, the team is looking to see if any further help can be offered. Hints and tips on how to help your device can be requested from Support.
  • Maintenance screen - 'Connection Lost, servers are currently down for maintenance. Please try again later.'  This message randomly pops up but does not actually refer to maintenance, the description is wrong. These errors appear when there is an individual connection issue. For help with personal connection issues, feel free to ask Support.
  • Unable to login, when connected with public WiFi
    • Workaround: Quit connection to public WiFi, cause WiFi providers are allowed to block certain websites / server / url which are needed to connect to our game servers.
    • Workaround: Check our Facebook, game could be in maintenance



  • When finding opponent without any Alliance troop, if the player receives troops when being in the “Marching” screen, the game freezes (Currently no workaround available)


  • Players on some Apple devices see emoticons/emojis as black in the in-game messages.
    • Workaround: Do not use emojis, use old style smileys like :-)
  • Players on some Apple devices may not see replies when contacting the support through the game.
    • Workaround: Please contact the support by mail at

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