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Lunar Basin stores the Lunar Drops produced by the Lunar Springs. Upgrade them in order to increase their storage capacity.

Attackers can pillage the Lunar Drops stashed in this structure if it is destroyed.


Level Storage Health Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 15.000 2000 Ambrosia 1.120.000 1d
2 30.000 2200 Ambrosia 1.800.000 2d
3 60.000 2400 Ambrosia 2.700.000 3d
4 120.000 2600 Ambrosia 3.600.000 4d
5 225.000 2900 Ambrosia 4.500.000 5d
6 300.000 3200 Ambrosia 5.400.000 6d
7 450.000 3430 Ambrosia 12.000.000 8d

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