Lunar Spring distill the moon's essence into Lunar Drops, which are used to summon elite units. Upgrade Lunar Spring in order to increase their production speed and the maximum Lunar Drops quantity that can be held. With further upgrades of your Pantheon you will be allowed to build up more springs. Collected Lunar Drops will be stored inside of Lunar Basins.

Attackers can pillage the Lunar Drops stashed in this structure if it is destroyed.


Level Storage Production Health Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 180 30 400 Ambrosia 1.500.000 1d
2 360 45 480 Ambrosia 2.250.000 2d
3 675 65 580 Ambrosia 3.000.000 3d
4 1080 90 690 Ambrosia 4.500.000 4d
5 1680 120 830 Ambrosia 6.000.000 6d
6 2400 150 1100 Ambrosia 7.500.000 8d
7 5000 200 1400 Ambrosia 8.000.000 10d

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