The whole Norse gods world was turned towards one goal: getting ready for Ragnarok, a titanic battle that would mark the end of the world as it is known, and its rebirth. While not knowing who exactly would be their enemy, Odin and his relatives were as ready as they could when it appeared that the threat was Cronus. Despite their efforts and sacrifices, Asgard fell. When Zeus came to assist, it was too late and the Norse gods’ pride too wounded to offer anything but resentment to the Greek god. The proud Nordlings retreated to lick their wounds and prepare to reconquer the world under the direction of the new chaos wielding gods.

Norse Gods

Icon Name Description
Balder Reputed for having the largest boat in existence and the most beautiful hall, Balder is the god embodying love, peace, justice, light and purity. It was said that his death would be the foretelling event to the Ragnarok, the end of the world, and this is exactly what happened. Only after Odin forced Loki to use his trickster talents for atonement, combined with Chaos power, could Balder be brought back from oblivion.
Frey Travelling on the back of his magic boar or with his boat always having a good wind, Frey is the patron god of Kingship, virility and prosperity, as well as sunshine and good weather.
Freyja Even though she is the Norse goddess of beauty, love, fertility and sorcery, Freyja is also the bringer of war and death. She is indeed receiving half of those that died in battle, the other half going to Odin.
Hodur A blind god, Hodur was tricked by Loki into shooting a mistletoe arrow to his brother Balder, which was invulnerable to anything else, killing him in the process. This led Odin to father Vali in order to slay Hodur.
Mimir Mimir is the Norse god of knowledge and wisdom. He unfortunately was beheaded during a war, and in order to safeguard all his knowledge, Odin enchanted his head so it could continue couselling him.
Njord Norse would call upon Njord whenever they wanted wealth, good crops but more often a favourable sea, wind or full fishing nets. Njord was in a strange (and doomed) marriage with Skadi, goddess of the mountains.
Odin Central god of the Norse faction, Odin is associated with many things as varied as royalty, death, knowledge, poetry and battle. He still sends the valkyries to bring back half those dead in battle in his hall of Valhalla (the other half going to Freyja) to prepare for the final battle of Ragnarok.
Thor Thor is is the hammer-wielding god of thunder, storms, strength and protection of mankind. He is famed for his victories in battle or against incredible foes, aided in that by his magic items, first among which is the mountain-crushing hammer Mjölnir
Loki There are tricksters both earthly and divine... and then there's Loki. Known amongst gods and men as the most devious of them all, Loki has a razor-sharp angle and a mind to match.