There are two other pantheons being involved in the fight, yet they do from a certain distance, their whereabouts remaining a bit unclear. These two pantheons are the Sumerian one and the Angelic faction.

Sumerian Pantheon

The Sumerian pantheon is so old it predated the invention of writing and saw the creation of some of the first cities ever built. This is why when some pantheons didn’t survive the conflagration of Asgard fall, some Sumerian gods focused on particular cities helped them withstand the shattering of the land. Now, still stunned by the events, they count their numbers and look with hope towards the new gods Chaos brought to existence.

Icon Name Description
Aruru One among many of her names, Aruru is associated with mountains, the Earth itself and the central figure of the mother goddess, as she is said to have sired mankind. For now, she is contemplating the devastation and try to sooth her people’s pain, while keeping enemies at bay.
Asherah She is the Sumerian goddess of both love and war, caring for her people and able to defend them bitterly and efficiently.

Sometimes called “Queen of the Great Earth”, she is the unforgiving and violent goddess of the Sumerian underworld. Being the judge of the dead, she naturally brought law and judgement to the living world.

Gilgamesh Demi-god of inhuman strength, Gilgamesh is the founder of the city of Uruk

Angelic Pantheon

The presence and motives of this group of angels is a mystery to all other parties. Some claim they were sent by Chaos, some others that they are the envoys of another mysterious power. For now, the angels are just acting as mercenaries, and most about them is only supposition.

Icon Name Description
Gabriel So far, this angel seems like he is acting as the speaker and messenger for his whole troop.
Metatron Metatron is apparently the archivist, also acting as a judge.
Michael He is seen as the military leader of this force as well as the protector of the land.
Raphael Raphael is the healer among the group of angels.
Uriel Though filling multiple roles, Uriel is mostly see as the guide and the one forewarning of danger.