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The Sun God has little mercy for those caught in the inferno of his gaze. All things under his solar stare are doomed to shrivel and die...


Tears of Ra

Active skill, can only be cast once per battle.

Summons Solar Bastet and Hathor to fight for you (Area DPS 253, HP 10500), attacking defense buildings first. Lasts 30 sec.

Skill Level Area DPS HP
0 113 2.700
1 127 3.480
2 141 4.260
3 155 5.040
4 169 5.820
5 183 6.600
6 197 7.380
7 211 8.160
8 225 8.940
9 239 9.720
10 253 10.500


Ra is an Event God. He is only available through the Grand Rebirth Event.

Ra is one of the strongest Tank Gods in the entire game.


Skill Calculation

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