Capable of rapid, ranged attacks, this destructive beast lives up to its name. This is the ultimate defensive weapon. Has to be resupplied after usage.

A Pantheon Level 9 is required to build this defense building. Recharge this building with Ambrosia.


Level Damage(s) Health Upgrade cost Upgrade time
1 60 1.500 Gold dog 4.500.000 7d
2 70 1.900 Gold dog 7.500.000 10d
3 85 2.400 Gold dog 10.500.000 14d
4 108 2.800 Gold dog 12.000.000 14d
5 130 3.200 Gold dog 15.000.000 16d
6 160 3.720 Gold dog 18.000.000 18d
7 180 3960 Gold dog 18.000.000 18d

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