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Raiding is one of the main ways of PvP in Dawn of Gods, you can only attack players who are offline, are in the same honor range as you and their bases are not protected by a shield. Raid is one of the best ways to plunder resources and level up your mighty gods. 

How to Raid?

Raid dawn-of-god

The first step will be to find an opponent, using the “Find Opponent” button. Matching will be determined by looking for somewhat similar Honor scores. This guarantees adversaries of similar power. As you gain honour, you will also earn titles that can be checked in the Rank menu. Each rank will come with a bonus to Gold, Ambrosia and Lunar Drops, if you have more than 2000 honor, received during the raid. 

What happens after your city has been attacked?

After your city was attacked, you will receive a shield protecting it from any other opponent for a duration of either 12, 14 or 16 hours, depending on the level of destruction. This shield and those that the player bought in the vault with comets are stacking, but should the player attack someone else, any shield would disappear, even if it was a purchased one. The level of destruction is shown as flags, these three steps being 50%, 100% and Pantheon destruction.

DoG Raid Result

Rankings & Bonuses

Honor Ranking Raid Bonus
0 Recruit Gold dog 150 Ambrosia 150 Lunar Tear 0
200 Acolyte Gold dog 300 Ambrosia 300 Lunar Tear 0
400 Sparrer Gold dog 500 Ambrosia500 Lunar Tear 0
500 Contender Gold dog 1.000 Ambrosia1.000 Lunar Tear 0
600 Gladiator Gold dog 2.000 Ambrosia2.000 Lunar Tear 0
800 Legionaire Gold dog 5.000 Ambrosia5.000 Lunar Tear 0
1000 Protector Gold dog 10.000 Ambrosia10.000 Lunar Tear 0
1200 Strategist Gold dog 15.000 Ambrosia 15.000 Lunar Tear 0
1400 Decurion Gold dog 22.000 Ambrosia22.000 Lunar Tear 0
1600 Centurion Gold dog 30.000 Ambrosia30.000 Lunar Tear 0
1800 Commander Gold dog 40.000 Ambrosia40.000 Lunar Tear 0
2000 Subprefect Gold dog 50.000 Ambrosia50.000 Lunar Tear 75
2200 Prefect Gold dog 60.000 Ambrosia60.000 Lunar Tear 150
2400 General Gold dog 80.000 Ambrosia80.000 Lunar Tear 300
2600 Magister Gold dog 100.000 Ambrosia100.000 Lunar Tear 600
2800 Warlord Gold dog 120.000 Ambrosia120.000 Lunar Tear 750
3000 Emperor Gold dog 150.000 Ambrosia150.000 Lunar Tear 900
3200 Divine Gold dog 200.000 Ambrosia 200.000 Lunar Tear 1.200