Relic Trove is where the relics you possess are being described. You can sort relics by their colour. The available space for relics can be extended using comets. The question mark will open a window showing Relic details, including its history and possible attributes. Different Dusts you owe are listed here. The Collection button will open a window showing all relics.

DoG Relic Relic Trove

Your relics can be blessed by using Ambrosia and Dust. While doing so you will replace the attributes of your Relic. Be aware that ALL the Attributes will be replaced.

When hitting the Bless button, the cost of Blessing will be paid (in Ambrosia and Dusts, then). The new Attribute(s) will appear in the window below, allowing you to see what will be the Blessing result. Even though you already paid for the Blessing, you might still avoid replacing the old Attribute by the new one by simply closing the Bless Relic window. In case the new Attribute is to your liking, simply hit the Replace button.

Note: one important element is that one Attribute can be locked, but this will increase the cost of Blessing with Comets. Gold Relics can even have two Attributes locked.

Cost of Blessing Relics (locking Attributes is optional)
Relic Rarity Ambrosia Blue Dust Purple Dust Orange Dust Gold Dust Comets 1st Lock Comets 2nd Lock
Blue 50.000 1
Purple 150.000 2 1 10
Orange 300.000 3 2 1 25
Gold 500.000 4 3 2 1 50 50

DoG Relic Bless Relic 2

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