April Mania: GOLD EVENT!

Event starts: Saturday 8th April 00:00:00 CEST

Event ends: Wednesday 12th April 23:59:59 CEST


Gold is power, so all Immortals should have top-quality Gold buildings! In this event we will reward you for the quality of your Gold Fountains and your Gold Urns! By upgrading your Fountains and your Urns, you can receive the following corresponding rewards:

  • 1x Fountain level 12 and 1x Urn level 12 // Rewards: 1x Grand Summonstone + 15 Elixirs

  • 2x Fountain level 12 and 2x Urn level 12 // Rewards: 1x Grand Summonstone + 300 Summonstones + 15 Elixirs

  • 3x Fountain level 12 and 3x Urn level 12 // Rewards: 5x Gold Dust + 10x Orange Dust

  • 4x Fountain level 12 and 4x Urn level 12 // Rewards: 1x 6* God of your choice (non-event!)

The rewards will accumulate, however, you can only receive each reward once.

PARTICIPATION: If you upgrade your buildings during this event, we will track your progress and send rewards within 48hrs of the end of the event. If you do not participate but you qualify for a reward based on existing upgrades, please contact customer support!

IMPORTANT: The rewards from this event will not be sent immediately, they will arrive during the week of Tuesday 18th - Friday 21st April. Upgrades which are not completed at the end of the event will not be counted!

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