Event starts: Friday, 7th April 00:00:00 (CEST)

Event ends: Monday, 10th April 23:59:59 (CEST)

The mighty Hathor greets you, Immortals! In this special 'discounted' event, Hathor will be available to you if you meet this one condition:

  • Perform a total of 15x 7*-rebirths (with 7*-rebirth stones or Comets) during the event

That's it! Don't despair if you do not meet this condition, though! There will be extra rewards for those taking part:


1 - Complete 5x 7*-rebirths with rebirth stones or Comets

Receive: 3x Three days Hourglass + x12 Mystic Runes + x1 Gold Shard

2 - Complete 10x 7*-rebirths with rebirth stones or Comets

Receive: x1 7* Rebirth Stone + x24 Mystic Runes + x60 Elixir + x8 Gold Dust

3 - Complete 15x 7*-rebirths with rebirth stones or Comets

Receive: x2 7* Rebirth Stone + x36 Mystic Runes + x16 Gold Dust + x100 Elixir


Rebirths for Hathor from previous normal Grand Rebirth events will not be counted. If you collect any less than 15x 7*-rebirths during this event, they will not be saved for a future event. Everyone who collects all 15x rebirths and Hathor will also receive the three other rewards.

Remaining rewards are still being verified and will be sent as soon as possible. Please note that because of the Easter weekend (Friday 14th - Monday 17th April), rewards may be delayed until after Tuesday 18th April.

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