Wielding a colossal sword of fire, Surtr the giant was foretold as being a harbinger of calamity. He sat destined to summon the flames of hell to engulf the earth and destroy all life.



Active skill, can only be cast once per battle.

ATK Speed +200%. ATK Range +70%. DMG of Archers, Centaur Archers and Cyclops +100%. Lasts 20 sec.


Skill Level ATK Speed Boost ATK Range Boost DMG Boost
0 40% 10% 20%
1 56% 16% 28%
2 72% 22% 36%
3 88% 28% 44%
4 104% 34% 52%
5 120% 40% 60%
6 136% 46% 68%
7 152% 52% 76%
8 168% 58% 84%
9 184% 64% 92%
10 200% 70% 100%


Surtr is an Event God. He is only available during the Grand Rebirth Event.

  • Surtr has the longest attack range of the 7 star Gods. With his attack skill activated, he can reach nearly half way across the map!
  • Surtr is great to use in combination with high DPS melee Gods, such as Thunder Thor or Lunatic Loki. The combination with Thunder Thor is particularly exciting, because Thunder Thor's skill allows all units to climb walls. Thus a combination of Surtr, Thunder Thor, and Archers/Centaur Archers/Cyclops will significantly increase the attack damage and range of your troops and allow them to climb walls (while both skills are activated).


Skill Calculation

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