We’d like to remind you all of the awesome work our Game Sage team is doing for Dawn of Gods. If you’re not familiar with our Game Sages yet, here is the list of them by language - LINK

The GS have three different roles within the community to help us bring you closer to the team. 

Chat moderation

Our GS are present in the chat to make sure this place stays as courteous and cordial as it can be. Note that moderating a multi-lingual chat isn’t an easy task. We invite you all to respect some basic rules, like avoiding “spamming” the chat with your Alliance recruitment message (one recruitment message every 10 minutes). Please bear in mind that our GS might report offensive behavior or language which can lead to sanctions from the GM team.

Our GS recently created a community forum where you can talk about the game and share your experiences. If you haven’t visited it yet, now is the time to stop by - LINK

Help the community

If you have a question about a specific game mechanic or if you need tips and tactics, make sure to contact our experienced GS, they will be pleased to assist. You can either contact them in the chat or send them a friend request directly from the game.   By the way, kudos to GS_Platon who just wrote this in-depth beginner’s guide. If you are just starting your quest, reading it is a must - LINK

Back up the team

Our GS are here to bring us issues, feedback or suggestions you might have for the game. Their dedication and knowledge of the game make them valuable assets to help us improve the game we all love.

A big thank you to the whole GS team! 

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