• Greetings, Immortals.

    We’re happy to bring an update of the new client that’s been released today!


    • Partnerships will now stay active, even if the God is removed from your God List
    • Metatron damage bonus from partnership is now correctly displayed in his skill info


    • Players won't repeatedly face the same opponent in Raid/Arena
    • Battle values are now correctly displayed
    • Fixed a bug that caused freezes in Raid/Conquest/Arena battle
    • In Raid/Conquest/Duel Battle screen, the game no longer freezes at the first time pressing the device’s back button
    • In Conquest, God’s names in the Dahshur city are now correctly shown


    • Fixed a bug where the screen was cut off by a black bar
    • Device control bar no longer blocks the bottom part of the game screen anymore
    • Fixed a bug where the text of some reward packages were incorrectly displayed
    • After players collect a part of the total resources in the generate building, the remaining is no longer displayed as “0”
    • Fixed various bugs affecting the Alliance chat

    General Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that caused crash reports on Android 5.1
    • Playing on Android 6.0 no longer causes problems when linking the game with a Google account
    • The Summoning feature has been fixed on Google Nexus 6
    • The “Friends” section has been optimized
    • Comets are correctly deducted when boosting an Astral mission
    • Double tap on the “Free” button to send an Alliance recruitment doesn’t costs player Comets without confirmation
    • After donating Ambrosia to the Alliance, if the player signs in, the effect of the “Sign in” button now disappears

    New Visual Content

    • Updated Card Art: God Images
      • Ullr
      • Honir
      • Nornagesta
    • Updated Awakened Gods Card Art
      • Apollo
      • Hades
      • Anubis
      • Alberich
      • Aruru
      • Metatron
      • Briareos
      • Surtr


    • Times for Mystic Merchant has been adjusted
    • Fixed various bugs affecting the troop training function
    • The “Insufficient Resources” popup now appears in the “Find Opponent” screen
    • God Information has been updated for Ares

    Known issues

    • Inability to search a player whose name contains a space
    • Some players may experience a short freeze when using specific active skills during a battle
    • In some cases, tapping outside to close the “Enhance Skill” window can make the material God still appear in the “God List” (only affects tablet users)
    • When finding opponent without any Alliance troop, if the player receives troops when being in the “Marching” screen, the game freezes
    • While the initial God capacity is 50, players are able to obtain 51/50 Gods
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